Patent Number: 7,821,162

Title: Low-voltage dips generator device

Abstract: The invention relates to a device for generating low-voltage dips in an electrical power generator (2), particularly an aerogenerator, consisting of: a circuit which is disposed between the control cabinet (4) of the generator and the output transformer (3) to the network (30), comprising a transformer (31) and a plurality of in-series impedances (11, 14, 17; 12, 15, 18; 13, 16, 19) for each phase, having switches (24, 25, 26; 20, 21, 22; 27) associated therewith; and short-circuit generator means, selectively actuating the switches as a function of the type of voltage dip required.

Inventors: Llorente Gonzalez; Jose Ignacio (Pamplona, ES), Linares Fano; Miguel (Pamplona, ES)

Assignee: Gamesa Innovation and Technology, S.L.

International Classification: G04C 21/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00