Patent Number: 7,821,422

Title: Traffic light signal system using radar-based target detection and tracking

Abstract: A novel system and method of integrating an RF emissions device, such as a radar system (103A), within a traffic control indicator (101) system. The system and method determines, using LFM-CW radar signals (201) and a multi-stage spectral processing algorithm (600), if one or more object/vehicle targets will enter an intersection and comprises receiving a radar echo response (203) indicating the object/vehicle target (104) is approaching the intersection, receiving range and velocity of the object/vehicle targets (104), and based on the receiving, determining if the object/vehicle target (104) will enter the intersection. The system and method can programmatically be configured to activate red-light-hold, green-light-extension, or left-turn-warning.

Inventors: Hutchison; Michael C. (Plano, TX), Pautler; James A. (Plano, TX), Smith; Mark A. (Dallas, TX)

Assignee: Light Vision Systems, Inc.

International Classification: G08G 1/095 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00