Patent Number: 7,822,063

Title: Bandwidth allocation method and system for data transmission in EPON

Abstract: A method for efficiently allocating a bandwidth at an optical line terminal (OLT) for upstream transmission in an Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) system. An optical network unit (ONU) divides data to be transmitted into at least two groups that include a group with a constant bit rate (CBR) and a group with a variable bit rate (VBR), and requests a required bandwidth for each of the divided groups. The OLT allocates the requested bandwidth to the group with the CBR within a first bandwidth among an allocated bandwidth including the first bandwidth and a second bandwidth. The ONU transmits data using bandwidth allocated to the divided groups by the OLT.

Inventors: Ryu; Hyun-surk (Suwon-si, KR), Yoo; Myung-sik (Seoul, KR), Kang; Min-ho (Seoul, KR)

Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H04L 12/28 (20060101); H04J 3/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00