Patent Number: 7,822,249

Title: Systems and methods for high-throughput radiation biodosimetry

Abstract: Systems and methods for high-throughput radiation biodosimetry are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a high-throughput methods of analyzing a population for radiation exposure can include, in various possible sequences: marking a first capillary designed to retain a first sample from the population with a first identifier; transporting a plurality of samples to a biodosimetry system; inputting the samples into the biodosimetry system; centrifuging the plurality of samples including the first sample wherein each sample can be retained in a capillary and the first sample can be retained in the first capillary; transferring the plurality of capillaries including the first capillary from the centrifuge to a cutting device using a robotic device; cutting the first capillary; reading the first identifier; transferring at least one portion of the first sample from the first capillary to a well in an array, wherein the array can include one or more filters in a multi-well plate; correlating the first identifier to a location of the array that includes the at least one portion of the first sample; one or more cycles of biological processing, which can include addition of a reagent and/or incubation of a selected temperature such as, for example, C., C., room temperature, and the like; sealing the array; positioning the array adjacent to an imaging element; focusing the imaging element; capturing an image of the first sample in the array; and analyzing the image to determine whether the first sample indicates a level of radiation exposure exceeding a predetermined threshold.

Inventors: Garty; Guy (Dobbs Ferry, NY), Brenner; David J. (New York, NY), Randers-Pehrson; Gerhard (Ossining, NY), Yao; Y. Lawrence (New York, NY), Simaan; Nabil (New York, NY), Salerno; Alessio (Montreal, CA), Bhatla; Anubha (Secaucus, NJ), Zhang; Jian (New York, NY), Lyulko; Oleksandra V. (New York, NY), Dutta; Aparajita (Waltham, MA)

Assignee: The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

International Classification: G06K 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00