Patent Number: 7,822,476

Title: Electrode line and terminal part for an implantable heart stimulator

Abstract: A terminal part for an electrode line for connection to an implantable heart stimulator, the terminal part having multiple annular, electrically conductive contacts of equal external diameter having insulation sections of the same external diameter situated between them in the longitudinal direction, of which the electrically conductive contacts are each electrically connected to an electrically conductive terminal line, the terminal part being formed by multiple insulating adapters and by electrical contacts held thereby having terminal lines fastened thereon, which are plugged together and connected using a thermoplastic injection molding compound after being plugged together, the terminal part otherwise being implemented in such a way that it is to be connected as an independent unit to a remaining electrode line.

Inventors: Bartels; Klaus (Berlin, DE), Steglich; Carsten (Berlin, DE), Guenther; Thomas (Michendorf, DE)

Assignee: Biotronik CRM Patent AG

International Classification: A61N 1/372 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00