Patent Number: 7,822,505

Title: Article dispensing device and method

Abstract: To dispense an article in a limited space within a tray appropriately with no useless operation, the present invention provides an article dispensing device, including a control means (61) which calls, from a storage means (64), an article map of an article (D) to be dispensed by a dispensing means (3) and a container map of a container (5) for accommodating the article (D), which searches for a vacant region by searching each container virtual region of the container map in a predetermined order, which specifies a dispensing position for the article (D) according to the article map, and which drive-controls the dispensing means (3) based on the specified dispensing position for causing the article (D) held to be accommodated in the container (5).

Inventors: Yuyama; Shoji (Osaka, JP), Kohama; Akitomi (Osaka, JP), Fujikawa; Takayuki (Osaka, JP)

Assignee: Yuyama Mfg. Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G06F 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00