Patent Number: 7,822,651

Title: Method for managing returns

Abstract: There are many situations where returns are needed to further business or other objectives. For example, in remanufacturing businesses, cores are rebuilt into remanufactured parts that are sold. To sustain remanufacturing, cores must be obtained. One way to assure a supply is to collect a deposit against a core return when a remanufactured part is sold. Tracking of cores and the associated liabilities for the deposits is complex. It is also beneficial to control the liabilities. Provided are systems, methods and steps that enable tracking and other effective management techniques to assure returns and liabilities are managed. In one embodiment, each core and an associated entitlement representative of a liability are tracked. Price changes can be made on core deposits without affecting the ability to control liabilities. The systems, processes and methods lend themselves to computer implementation and use in large businesses.

Inventors: Hume; Delma S. (Peoria, IL), Flint; Robert L. (Edelstein, IL), Guse; Steven L. (Peoria, IL), Rachowicz; Robert J. (Peoria, IL), Brown; Dennis M. (Tishomingo, MS), Twist; Milo O. (Washington, IL), Wire; Theresa D. (Pekin, IL)

Assignee: Caterpillar Inc

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Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00