Patent Number: 7,823,380

Title: Free floating wave energy converter

Abstract: A wave energy converter includes a flexible pipe and an inlet. The flexible pipe floats on the water surface, following the wave form. Slugs of water and air enter, one after the other, through the inlet. Because the flexible pipe follows the shape of the wave, water is transported through a manifold to a pressure chamber connected to a generator. The inlet consists of a hollow, inflexible pipe attached to the throat of the flexible pipe. The inflexible pipe is fixedly attached to a buoyancy tank or plurality thereof. The buoyancy tanks are arranged in a vertical plane or in tandem, with the inflexible pipe passing along the plane vertical to the fore and aft axis of the buoyancy tank and the frontward portion projecting sufficiently ahead of the buoyancy tank with the flexible pipe terminating at a singular outlet. The entire apparatus is facing the oncoming waves.

Inventors: Ghouse; Syed Mohammed (Hyderabad, IN)


International Classification: F03B 13/18 (20060101); F03B 17/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00