Patent Number: 7,823,480

Title: Support bracket with an integrated switch for a pedal assembly

Abstract: A brake pedal assembly, for use in a vehicle, includes a support bracket, a first and second side walls extending outwardly from the support bracket. The first side wall includes an integral switch portion having a pair of generally parallel arcuate slots. A pedal arm, having a pair of contact posts positioned to extend through the pair of arcuate slots, is pivotally mounted between the first and second side walls. A conductive strip interconnects each of the pair of contact posts. The support bracket further includes a switch cover plate enclosing the integral switch portion of the first side wall. An electronic switch is disposed on an inside surface of the cover plate, and comes into electrical communication with the conductive strip as the contact posts travel within the arcuate slot in response to movement of the pedal arm, to send an electrical signal to an associated vehicle component.

Inventors: O'Neill; Dan (Chatham, CA), Mischenko; Peter (Hawkestona, CA)

Assignee: KSR Technologies Co.

International Classification: G05G 1/30 (20080401)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00