Patent Number: 7,823,581

Title: Remote control for gas valve

Abstract: A gas valve (14) control system (10) uses a control signal (16) to enable a valve (14) and a validation signal (22) to validate the control signal (16). The system (10) includes a valve (14) connected to a burner (12). A receiver (18) is electrically connected to the valve (14) and provides the valve (14) with the control signal (16). A controller (20) has a control transmitter (24) in wireless communication with the receiver (18) to transmit the control signal (16) to the receiver (18) at a speed of light. The controller (20) further includes a validation transmitter (26) to transmit a validation signal (22) to the receiver (18) at a speed of sound. The valve (14) is enabled by the control signal (16) if a time delay between the receiver (18) receiving the control signal (16) and the validation signal (22) is shorter than a maximum delay period. The control signal (16) is discarded if the time delay is longer than the maximum delay period.

Inventors: Velasquez; Juan F. (Saline, MI), Happe; Barbara (Gernrode, DE)

Assignee: Maxitrol Company

International Classification: F24B 1/187 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00