Patent Number: 7,823,898

Title: Multiple speed chainless drive for a utility tricycle with either torque amplifying pedal beams or a conventional bicycle seat and pedals

Abstract: The improved chainless drive of the present invention features a four speed planetary transmission housed within the hub of the driving wheel of an utility tricycle, and an vehicle frame which provides two options for delivering power to the transmission. In the first option the drive shaft, which extends out through bearings on the center line of the driving wheel, has a crank arm fixed on each end. A spindle is fixed in the end of each crank arm and a pedal beam is rotatably mounted near its center on each spindle. A cam roller mounted on each pedal beam near its aft end engages a short length of steel track fastened on the sides of a trunk bolted on the at end off the tricycle frame. The cam roller provides a downward force to counter balance the weight of the rider on the cantilevered forward end off the pedal beam increasing the force on the spindle and thus amplifying the torque delivered to the drive shaft. In the second option the pedal beams are replaced with conventional bicycle pedals and bicycle seat and the trunk is bolted on the forward end off the tricycle frame. Storage space in the fiberglass trunk permits use of the utility tricycle for shopping.

Inventors: Hartmann; Dirck T. (Huntington Beach, CA)


International Classification: B62M 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00