Patent Number: 7,823,929

Title: Radial rotary transmission leadthrough

Abstract: The present invention relates to a radial rotary transmission leadthrough with a rotating shaft which has at least two substantially axially running channels (4, 4') which have radial transition openings (5) open to the periphery of the shaft, and with at least one guide bush (2, 2a) tightly surrounding the shaft (1) in the area of the transition openings (5) which has at least one radial feed bore each (6) for every one of the channels (4, 4') to be connected via the bush (2, 2a), wherein the different channels (4, 4') have their radial transition openings (5) at different axial positions of the shaft (1). In order to create a radial rotary transmission leadthrough of the type named at the outset which has a small axial length and by which, despite small friction, the leakage rates can be reduced and accordingly the risk of the shaft jamming in the bush can be minimized, it is proposed according to the invention that the rotary transmission leadthrough has at least two bushes (2, 2a) which encompass the shaft (1) for the connection with different channels (4, 4') at axially different positions, and which are housed independently of each other in a common bush holder (10), wherein at least one of the bushes has several radial feed bores (6, 6a, 6').

Inventors: Hoff; Dennis (Mainz, DE), Ott; Stephan (Wiesbaden, DE)

Assignee: GAT Gesellschaft fur Antriebstechnik mbH

International Classification: F16L 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00