Patent Number: 7,824,127

Title: Road repair tractor and method of using the same

Abstract: A road repair tractor adapted for smoothing asphalt that has been laid into a work-trench, dug in a roadway. The tractor includes a body supporting an engine and defining a cockpit. Also, laterally spaced first and second support and motive force assemblies are operatively driven by the engine and support the body. A smoothing device is supported by the body and has a width that is adjustable from a most narrow width of between 10 cm and 30 cm to a widest width of between 1 meter and 2.5 meters. The smoothing device also includes a smoothing blade assembly, having a bottom edge, deployed between a pair of asphalt side-spill guards. Finally, a power actuating system includes controls located in the cockpit that permit a user seated in the cockpit to change the adjustable width of the smoothing device and to raise and lower the smoothing device relative to the body.

Inventors: Shunn; Richard Lee (Canby, OR), Shunn; Gell Wesley (Mulino, OR), Shunn; Jeffrey Lee (Kingman, AZ)

Assignee: S-2 Contractors Inc.

International Classification: E01C 19/42 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00