Patent Number: 7,824,252

Title: Mechanical wheel indicator with sound effects

Abstract: In an embodiment, set forth by way of example and not limitation, a game includes a rotating wheel and sound effects, both under microprocessor control. In another example embodiment, a wheel indicator with sound effects includes a wheel, a motor for rotating the wheel, a speaker, and a microprocessor providing commands capable of causing the motor to rotate the wheel and speaker to emit a sound. In another example embodiment, a method for controlling a wheel and sound display includes providing a motorized wheel, providing a speaker, and providing a microprocessor and program instructions stored in ROM coupled to said microprocessor for controlling a rotational position of said wheel and for generating sound effects from the speaker.

Inventors: Kelly; Bryan M. (Dublin, CA), Petermeier; Norman B. (Saratoga, CA), Kelly; Matthew F. (Dublin, CA), Oltmann; J. Richard (Scottsdale, AZ)

Assignee: Bally Gaming, Inc.

International Classification: A63F 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00