Patent Number: 7,825,113

Title: 2-oxy-benzoxazinone derivatives for the treatment of obesity

Abstract: The use of a compound comprising formula (I): ##STR00001## or a salt, ester, amide or prodrug thereof in the inhibition of an enzyme whose preferred mode of action is to catalyse the hydrolysis of an ester functionality, e.g. in the control and inhibition of unwanted enzymes in products and processes. The compounds are also useful in medicine e.g. in the treatment of obesity and related conditions. The invention also relates to novel compounds within formula (I), to processes for preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing them. In formula (I) A is a 6-membered aromatic or heteroaromatic ring; and R.sup.1 is a branched or unbranched alkyl (optionally interrupted by one or more oxygen atoms), alkenyl, alkynyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkenyl, aryl, arylalkyl, reduced arylalkyl, arylalkenyl, heteroaryl, heteroarylalkyl, heteroarylalkenyl, reduced aryl, reduced heteroaryl, reduced heteroarylalkyl or a substituted derivative of any of the foregoing groups.

Inventors: Hodson; Harold Francis (Beckenham, GB), Downham; Robert (Cambridge, GB), Mitchell; Timothy John (Cambridge, GB), Carr; Beverley Jane (Royston, GB), Dunk; Christopher Robert (Ely, GB), Palmer; Richard Michael John (Hayes, GB)

Assignee: Norgine B.V.

International Classification: A61K 31/535 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00