Patent Number: 7,825,210

Title: Aqueous, highly cross-linked two-component polyurethane coating system, method for the production and use thereof

Abstract: An aqueous highly cross-linked two-component polyurethane coating system is described with reduced hydrophilicity and improved resistance to chemicals which can be obtained by a) producing a binder component based on an aqueous solution or dispersion of low-molecular hydroxyfunctional and/or aminofunctional oligourethanes or polyurethanes and b) by subsequently reacting the binder component a) with a cross-linking component (H) in a ratio of 3:1 to 5:1, wherein water-dispersible polyisocyanates are used as the cross-linking component (H).

Inventors: Steidl; Norbert (Kienberg, DE), Maier; Alois (Engelsberg, DE), Wolfertstetter; Franz (Palling, DE)

Assignee: Construction Research & Technology GmbH

International Classification: C08G 18/30 (20060101); C08G 18/08 (20060101); C08G 18/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00