Patent Number: 7,825,359

Title: Aircraft spiraling mechanism with jet assistance - E

Abstract: An aircraft in the form of multi-stage missile 1 with a spiral inducing assembly 2 which is capable of inducing the missile to travel in a continuous spiraling motion without the missile rolling. A ramjet 6b is attached to a tube 3 that is able to rotate around the encircled part of the fuselage. The ramjet 6b is able to rotate in a pivoting manner on the rotate-able tube 3 with respect to the rotate-able tube 3, thereby changing their pitch relative to the longitudinal axis of the rotate-able tube 3. Ramjet 6b is rotated to a greater than another ramjet on the right side of the tube 3. The difference in degree of rotation between the ramjets makes the ramjet 6b exert a greater force on the rotate-able tube 3 than the ramjet on the right side when the ramjets are rotated in the same direction. The imbalance between the rotational forces thus causes the rotate-able tube 3 to rotate. When rotated, the ramjets would exert a lateral force on the rotate-able tube 3. Thus, as well as forcing the rotate-able tube 3 to rotate, the ramjets would also push the rotate-able tube sideways. But as the rotate-able tube is pushed sideways, it rotates, and hence the lateral direction of push constantly revolves, causing a spiraling motion of the missile when in flight.

Inventors: Kusic; Tom (Melbourne, AU)


International Classification: F41G 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00