Patent Number: 7,825,545

Title: Energy conservation and control systems

Abstract: Energy conservation and control systems, devices, processes and methods are disclosed. The conservation and control systems, devices, processes and methods may be used or performed in combination with one or more electronic devices and systems comprising a plurality of devices, such as but not limited to entertainment systems and other appliance systems. The invention comprises in some embodiments control systems, devices, processes and methods, alone or in combination with or performed with the electronic devices or accessory devices generally, such as remote controls or other accessory hardware. The invention in some embodiments are conservation and control retention devices, as well as methods and processes thereof, having an accessory device retention element and a conservation function element configured with the accessory device retention element. The conservation and control retention device and methods and processes provide functionality such that when the user of an accessory device inserts the accessory device into the accessory device retention element, not only is the accessory device retained but the conservation function element removes power to the one or more electronic devices.

Inventors: Lutfey; Omar (Loveland, CO)


International Classification: H01H 9/54 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00