Patent Number: 7,825,774

Title: Radio frequency communications devices

Abstract: A radio frequency identification device includes an integrated circuit including a receiver, a transmitter, and a microprocessor. The receiver and transmitter together define an active transponder. The integrated circuit is preferably a monolithic single die integrated circuit including the receiver, the transmitter, and the microprocessor. Because the device includes an active transponder, instead of a transponder which relies on magnetic coupling for power, the device has a much greater range.

Inventors: O'Toole; James E. (Boise, ID), Tuttle; John R. (Boulder, CO), Tuttle; Mark E. (Boise, ID), Lowrey; Tyler A. (San Jose, CA), Devereaux; Kevin M. (Grangeville, ID), Pax; George E. (Boise, ID), Higgins; Brian P. (Boise, ID), Yu; Shu-Sun (Cupertino, CA), Ovard; David K. (Meridian, ID), Rotzoll; Robert R. (Chipita Park, CO)

Assignee: Round Rock Research, LLC

International Classification: H04Q 5/22 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00