Patent Number: 7,825,813

Title: Identifying activity in an area utilizing sound detection and comparison

Abstract: Microprocessor technology is used to detect routine sounds in a substantially enclosed environment to determine normal or abnormal activity or noise within the environment (i.e., habitual behavior of an individual) A device is situated in a substantially enclosed environment with audio input device similar to a microphone and an optional visual display for interaction with the local users. The device has the ability to be controlled locally via key-pad or USB port connected to a local laptop computer, or remotely via a phone line or Ethernet connection to internet. The device further performs audio pattern recognition using waveform matching scheme to detect the occurrence of pre-programmed sounds representing routine activities. The microprocessor counts the number occurrence of each recognizable sound for a particular interval and over a length of a day or other duration and reports to a remote server. The remote server performs tracking and trending analysis to a web-based caregiver client. Significant changes are detected and reported to caregiver or family web-based client.

Inventors: Farhan; Fariborz M. (Alphretta, GA)

Assignee: Intelehealth, Inc

International Classification: G08B 23/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-11-02 0:00:00