Patent Number: 7,914,053

Title: Flange connection

Abstract: A flange connection has two pipe ends (1', 2', 51', 52') on each of which one flange (1, 2, 51, 52) is disposed and which have flange faces (11, 11', 61, 61') and a centering ring (33, 34) with an elastomer sealing ring (14) in contact with the ring. Both flanges include a mechanism for the detachable clamping against one another such that the flange faces (11, 11', 61, 61') are in contact on the centering ring and thereby are held at a predetermined flange distance (10, 60, D). The elastomer sealing ring (14) is pressed on the flange faces (11, 11', 61, 61') in the direction of the pipe axes (15) forming a seal, wherein the centering ring (33, 34) is positioned such that it is at least partially in contact on the periphery of the flanges (1, 2, 51, 52). A bearing mechanism (18) is disposed thereon, annularly directed inwardly, about which the elastomer sealing ring (14), which is U-shaped in cross section, is disposed such that on the side flanks of the U-shape, on both sides, an annular areal flange contact zone (6, 6', 56, 56', B) is formed.

Inventors: Keller; Pierino (Trubbach, CH), Good; Pascal (Plons, CH)

Assignee: Inficon GmbH

International Classification: F16L 23/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-03-29 0:00:00