Patent Number: 7,914,203

Title: Method and system for measuring physical parameters with a piezoelectric bimorph cantilever in a gaseous or liquid environment

Abstract: A piezoelectric bimorph cantilever is used for determining physical parameters in a gaseous or liquid environment. The sensor works as a driven and damped oscillator. Contrary to common cantilever sensor systems, the piezoelectric film of the bimorph cantilever acts as both a sensor and an actuator. Using at least two resonance mode of the bimorph cantilever, at least two physical parameters can be measured simultaneously in a gas or a liquid. An optimized piezoelectric cantilever and a method to produce the cantilever are also described.

Inventors: Mortet; Vincent (Kessel-Lo, BE), Petersen; Rainer (St. Truiden Velm, BE)

Assignee: IMEC

International Classification: G01K 11/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-03-29 0:00:00