Patent Number: 7,950,941

Title: Extension socket assembly

Abstract: An extension socket assembly has a housing, a first conductive strip, a second conductive strip, two plug tabs and a switch device. The first conductive strip is mounted in the housing. The second conductive strip is mounted in the housing and is composed of a front segment and a rear segment electrically disconnectable from the front segment. The plug tabs are connected to the housing and are respectively connected electrically to the first conductive strip and the front segment of the second conductive strip. The switch device has a switch connected electrically to the front segment and the rear segment of the second conductive strip with two switch wires. Accordingly, the extension socket assembly can be easily and convenient switched on or off by the extension switch device.

Inventors: Wang; Tai-Yen (Wugu Township, TW)


International Classification: H01R 4/60 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-05-31 0:00:00