Patent Number: 7,954,846

Title: Interior structure of vehicle

Abstract: A door trim covers a door body of a side door. An article storage portion is provided at a lower portion of the door trim. A seat is provided beside the side door so that the seat and the side door are overlapped when viewed from a vehicle side. A side airbag device includes an airbag which inflates beside the seat with gas supplied from an inflator at a vehicle side crash and protects chest and waist portions of a passenger. A recess is provided at the door trim. The recess is concaved toward a vehicle outside at an upper portion of the door trim above the article storage portion. A covering member which restrains the airbag from coming into the recess is provided at the door trim so as to cover almost half of the recess.

Inventors: Iwayama; Yukio (Hiroshima, JP), Okada; Shusuke (Hiroshima, JP), Sakakida; Masafumi (Hiroshima, JP), Motoki; Masaki (Hiroshima, JP)

Assignee: Mazda Motor Corporation

International Classification: B60R 21/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-06-07 0:00:00