Patent Number: 7,955,791

Title: Prewetting lateral flow test strip

Abstract: A test strip and method for detecting an analyte present in a sample. The test strip comprising: a buffer addition zone to which a buffer may be added; an absorbent zone proximal to the buffer addition zone; one or more test zones distal to the buffer addition zone, at least one of the test zones including a first analyte binding agent immobilized therein which is capable of binding to the analyte to be detected; a terminal buffer flow zone distal to the one or more test zones, the absorbent zone being positioned relative to the buffer addition zone and having an absorption capacity relative to the other zones of the test strip such that when a volume of buffer within a predetermined buffer volume range for the test strip is added to the buffer addition zone, a distal diffusion front of the buffer diffuses from the buffer addition zone to a distal diffusion point within the terminal buffer flow zone and then diffuses proximal relative to the one or more test zones; and a sample addition zone distal to the terminal buffer flow zone to which a sample may be added.

Inventors: Dinello; Robert K. (Hayward, CA), Polito; Alan J. (Danville, CA), Quan; Stella (Moraga, CA)

Assignee: Relia Diagnostic Systems

International Classification: G01N 33/53 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-06-07 0:00:00