Patent Number: 8,015,710

Title: Shaving device and method of use

Abstract: A shaving device includes one or more collars for shielding certain portions of one or more razor blades. In one version, the collars include a rubber membrane for shielding the razor blades. The collars may or may not slide along a razor head containing one or more razor blades. The combination of the shielded and unshielded razor blade portions facilitates the creation of unique and intricate facial hair designs. The collars may also be used with replacement razor blade cartridges. An alternative design includes a shaving device wherein each razor blade is formed of two or more blade sections separated by partitions integrated into the head of the shaving device. Although ideal for facial hair, the shaving device is useful with any body hair.

Inventors: Zyla; Harley (Las Vegas, NV)


International Classification: B26B 21/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2019-09-13 0:00:00