Patent Number: 8,066,950

Title: Catalytic converter system and element for diesel engines

Abstract: An improved exhaust system and catalytic converter element for a diesel engine wherein the improvement comprises: holding means for restricting the movement of catalytic converter elements in an overhead exhaust manifold; an improved catalytic converter element having at least one retaining rod extending through the catalyst substrate and/or having at least one retaining lip projecting into the substrate; a stabilizer projecting from the cover for the element insertion slot for receiving an end portion of the catalytic converter element to restrict the movement of the converter element in the exhaust manifold; perforated flow distribution elements provided upstream of the catalytic converter elements; and/or vertical coupling manifolds which each receive exhaust from a pair of engine cylinders and then deliver the combined exhaust stream to a separate one of the inlet openings in the bottom of the overhead exhaust manifold.

Inventors: Newburry; Donald M. (Broken Arrow, OK), Uribe; Juan Carlos (Tulsa, OK), Thompson; Joshua Neil (Tulsa, OK), Lambert; Donald Christopher (Tulsa, OK), Farrington; Daniel Alan (Tulsa, OK), Stephens; Rachel Elizabeth (Tulsa, OK), Sartain; John W. (Broken Arrow, OK)

Assignee: Miratech Holdings, LLC

International Classification: B01D 50/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-11-29 0:00:00