Patent Number: 8,072,123

Title: Illumination apparatus

Abstract: Various exemplary embodiments of an illumination apparatus are disclosed. One exemplary embodiment of the illumination apparatus may include: a socket; a cylindrical body having one end connected to the socket, the cylindrical body comprising an inner space for receiving a driving circuit and a wire; a cap connected to the other end of the cylindrical body, the cap comprising a plurality of engaging members disposed around a circumference of the cap with an equal interval; a hinge portion comprising a plurality of hinges for rotationally connecting the plurality of engaging members; a light source portion comprising a plurality of light modules, each of the plurality of light modules comprising a plurality of light emitting devices arranged therein, each of the plurality of light modules being configured to rotate with the hinge portion in a first direction with respect to a respective one of the plurality of engaging members via the hinge; and a heat dissipater having a plurality of heat dissipation plates, each of the het dissipation plates being in contact with a bottom portion of the respective light module.

Inventors: Han; Tae-kyu (Inchon, KR)


International Classification: H01J 1/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-12-06 0:00:00