Patent Number: 8,089,417

Title: Microwave scanning system and miniaturized microwave antenna

Abstract: A micro strip antenna comprising a planar substrate fabricated from a dielectric material and a pair of like elements arranged in mirror image on the planar substrate, each of the elements comprising a radiating portion comprising an elongate conductive strip of a constant thickness, the elongate conductive strip comprising first arcuate side edges mutually diverging between a narrow end and a wide end. There is also disclosed a system for detecting the presence of a region having a first dielectric constant within a medium having a second dielectric constant different from the first dielectric constant, such as a tumour embedded in a fatty tissue. The system comprises a support fabricated from a material having a dielectric constant substantially the same as the second dielectric constant, a scanner array comprising a plurality of scanning elements embedded in the support, each of the scanning elements directing a series of microwave pulses into the medium and receiving backscatter returns resulting from the series of microwave pulses, and an analyzer coupled to each of the scanning elements, the analyzer collecting the backscatter returns and processing the backscatter returns to detect the region.

Inventors: Popovic; Milica (Montreal, CA), Kanj; Houssam (Waterloo, CA)

Assignee: The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning/McGill University

International Classification: H01Q 21/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-01-03 0:00:00