Patent Number: 8,089,628

Title: Pulsed-multiline excitation for color-blind fluorescence detection

Abstract: The present invention provides a technology called Pulse-Multiline Excitation or PME. This technology provides a novel approach to fluorescence detection with application for high-throughput identification of informative SNPs, which could lead to more accurate diagnosis of inherited disease, better prognosis of risk susceptibilities, or identification of sporadic mutations. The PME technology has two main advantages that significantly increase fluorescence sensitivity: (1) optimal excitation of all fluorophores in the genomic assay and (2) "color-blind" detection, which collects considerably more light than standard wavelength resolved detection. Successful implementation of the PME technology will have broad application for routine usage in clinical diagnostics, forensics, and general sequencing methodologies and will have the capability, flexibility, and portability of targeted sequence variation assays for a large majority of the population.

Inventors: Scott; Graham B. I. (Houston, TX), Kittrell; Carter (Houston, TX), Curl; Robert F. (Houston, TX), Metzker; Michael L. (Houston, TX)

Assignee: Baylor College of Medicine

International Classification: G01N 21/25 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-01-03 0:00:00