Patent Number: 8,219,095

Title: Base station for a cellular communication system and a method of operation therefor

Abstract: A base station (101) for a cellular communication system comprises a transceiver (301) which receives measurement reports from a plurality of user equipments (107) served by the base station (101). The measurement reports comprise receive signal quality indications (such as receive signal levels for pilot signals) for neighbor cells (A-F) of the base station (101). An overlap processor (301) determines a cell overlap indication for each of a set of neighbor cells in response to the receive signal quality indications and a handover control processor (305) performs handover control in response to the cell overlap indications. The invention may allow improved handover performance and may increase the likelihood that the target handover cell can continue to support the user equipment (101) following handover. Particularly advantageous performance can be achieved when used for congestion relief of cells.

Inventors: Stephens; Paul (Swindon, GB)

Assignee: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

International Classification: H04W 36/00 (20090101)

Expiration Date: 2020-07-10 0:00:00