Patent Number: 8,298,972

Title: Low iron high transmission glass with boron oxide for improved optics, durability and refining, and corresponding method

Abstract: This invention relates to a high transmission low iron glass that includes boron oxide. The boron oxide, added to this low iron glass, has the effect of improving glass refining, homogeneity and quality (lower seed count) through its flux action and improves glass optical parameters of green and clear glass through the change in refractive index and surface tension. Boron oxide lends to broader and weaker absorption band of such transition element(s) as iron which additionally improves the transmittance of low iron clear glass in certain example embodiments of this invention. In certain example embodiments, the addition of boron oxide in certain quantities in advantageous in that it improves the chemical durability of the glass by decreasing the USPX (or USPXIII) value of the glass via suppression of the silica, sodium ions in the glass structure.

Inventors: Fulton; Kevin R. (Howell, MI), Michaelis; Abraham W. (Haifa, IL), Resch; Mario (Ramat Ishay, IL), Bird; David (Superior Township, MI), Hulme; Richard (Rochester Hills, MI), Thomsen; Scott V. (South Lyon, MI)

Assignee: Guardian Industries Corp.

International Classification: C03C 6/02 (20060101); C03C 3/087 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2020-10-30 0:00:00