Patent Number: 8,303,709

Title: Gypsum-containing product

Abstract: The invention provides a set gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and a method for preparing it comprising forming a mixture of a calcium sulfate material, water, and an appropriate amount of one or more enhancing materials chosen from condensed phosphoric acids, each of which comprises 2 or more phosphoric acid units; and salts or ions of condensed phosphates, each of which comprises 2 or more phosphate units. The mixture is then maintained under conditions sufficient for the calcium sulfate material to form a set gypsum material.

Inventors: Yu; Qiang (Grayslake, IL), Sucech; Steven W. (Lake Villa, IL), Groza; Brent E. (Grayslake, IL), Mlinac; Raymond J. (Wildwood, IL), Jones; Frederick T. (Grayslake, IL), Henkels; Paul J. (Arlington Heights, IL)

Assignee: United States Gypsum Company

International Classification: C04B 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-11-06 0:00:00