Patent Number: 8,303,748

Title: Method for producing a packaging material

Abstract: Press roll for a laminating machine for producing a packaging material which comprises a carcass layer consisting of paper or carton, and which carcass layer exhibits crease lines, through holes, openings or slits, which carcass layer exhibits, on one of its sides, a barrier layer, a plastic lining which is arranged outside the barrier layer, and film of laminant thermoplast which is arranged between the carcass layer and the barrier layer, with the press roll exhibiting a circular-cylindrical jacket surface having a facing consisting of an elastic material. According to the invention, the facing comprises sections in the jacket surface, which sections exhibit local deformation ability in relation to the surrounding facing. The invention also relates to a method for producing packaging material and to packaging material which has been produced using this method.

Inventors: Toft; Nils (Malmo, SE)

Assignee: Tetra Laval Holding & Finance S.A.

International Classification: B29C 47/04 (20060101); B21B 1/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-11-06 0:00:00