Patent Number: 8,303,934

Title: Methods and compositions of [32P]-labeled adenine nucleotides for the treatment of atherosclerosis, vascular arterial diseases and coronary artery diseases

Abstract: A method for the treatment of atherosclerosis. The method includes the administration of a 32P-labeled agent as a beta emitter, such as 32P-labeled ATP or other 32P-labeled adenine nucleotides, whereby the 32P-labeled agent seeks and then permeates the atherosclerotic plaque en bloc without prior degradation. The accumulation of the 32P-labeled agent in the atherosclerotic plaque is achieved at time points whereby the 32P-labeled agent is cleared from the blood. Thus, radionuclide-labeled adenine nucleotides accumulate with high specificity in atherosclerotic lesions and in the heart. The beta particles (electrons) emitted by the 32P-label have a maximal path distance of about 0.5 cm and their energy preferentially destroy cells present in the atherosclerotic plaque without affecting vessel integrity or inducing arterial thrombosis.

Inventors: Rapaport; Eliezer (Belmont, MA)


International Classification: A61K 51/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-11-06 0:00:00