Patent Number: 8,304,068

Title: Composition for coating wiper blade rubbers, coating method using the same, and wiper blade rubbers made therefrom

Abstract: The present invention relates to compositions, which can be used for coating (e.g., painting) wiper blade rubbers to enhance durability, resistance to frictional forces, and/or other properties. In various embodiments, the coating compositions comprise nano-particle PTFE (Teflon.RTM.), polyurethane, and silicone resin in a solvent and/or liquid carrier, such as distilled water. The coating compositions may further comprise graphite, a carbon lubricant, and/or a water-based resin. Methods for forming a coating on a wiper blade rubber using the compositions of the invention are also provided.

Inventors: Jeon; Sun Mi (Ansan-si, KR)

Assignee: ADM21 Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B32B 5/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-11-06 0:00:00