Patent Number: 8,441,655

Title: Job-ticket optimized rendering

Abstract: A print controller in a printing system includes a reprogrammable page description language (PDL) processor that defines a page-break function. The print controller also includes a job ticket interpreter. The print controller receives a printable file in the page description language that contains logical pages indicated by page-break indicators. The job ticket interpreter receives a job ticket associated with the printable file and containing layout parameters for the logical pages. The job ticket interpreter re-defines the page-break function in the PDL processor so that the print controller prints a plurality of the logical pages without referencing the job ticket for each page. In some embodiments, the PDL processor is a PostScript processor and the job ticket interpreter is a JDF interpreter encoded as a PostScript program interpreted by the PostScript interpreter.

Inventors: Williams; David A. (San Jose, CA)

Assignee: Ricoh Company, Ltd

International Classification: G06F 3/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-05-14 0:00:00