Patent Number: 8,500,376

Title: Cutting insert

Abstract: The invention relates to a cutting insert for chip-forming machining, of which at least the top surface, on one side, forms the face (1) and the peripheral, planar side surface, which are located at right angles to one another, form the flanks (2), wherein, downstream of a planar face portion (3) which is adjacent to the flanks and is arranged at a rake angle of, the face terminates, via downwardly sloping planar wall portions (4), in a lower-level, planar chip-forming base (5) and, in the direction of the centre, it slopes up, via upwardly sloping planar wall portions (6), to a central, planar face plateau (7). In order to ensure specific chip formation over the entire region of the cutting insert, it is proposed that a plurality of raised chip-forming elements (8) are arranged parallel to one another, and at equal spacings, on two mutually opposite, upwardly sloping wall portions (6) of the face plateau (7), and these chip-forming elements have a roof surface (9), which slopes down to the chip-forming base (5), and downwardly sloping flanks (10).

Inventors: Koerner; Lothar (Bochum, DE), Schwaner; Carsten (Muelheim a. D. Ruhr, DE), Hahn; Uwe (Oberhausen, DE)

Assignee: Kennametal Inc.

International Classification: B23B 27/14 (20060101); B23C 5/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-08-06 0:00:00