Patent Number: 8,512,225

Title: Plated glass dildo

Abstract: A dildo, including a solid high density heat-resistant glass substrate completely covered by a relatively inert metal plating such as gold, silver, nickel, chromium or titanium, the substrate having a shaft portion, a base portion at one end and a head portion at the opposite end. In one configuration the head and base portions are enlarged, the shaft portion having spaced protuberances. In another configuration the shaft portion is serpentine in form, the head portion is tapered and having a hole formed there through for a tether, and the base portion has oppositely projecting protuberances. The metal plating can have a variety of coloring patterns.

Inventors: Lee; Calvin Spencer (Northridge, CA)

Assignee: Wing Pow International Corp.

International Classification: A61F 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2021-08-20 0:00:00