Patent Number: 8,573,303

Title: Treatment for recycling fracture water--gas and oil recovery in shale deposits

Abstract: A method and apparatus for hydrocarbon recovery and/or treatment of frac water includes introducing a volume of water into a formation, recovering the introduced water, with the recovered introduced water further comprising suspended hydrocarbon product. The recovered liquid is treated to remove substantial amounts of the suspended hydrocarbon product, provide the treated recovered liquid with a ORP in a range of 150 mv to 1000 mv, and partially desalinated, and is either re-introduced as treated recovered liquid with the ORP into a formation to assist in recovery of additional hydrocarbon deposits in the formation, or is stored to reduce the ORP and then subsequently discharged into surface waters.

Inventors: Kerfoot; William B. (Falmouth, MA)


International Classification: E21B 43/22 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017