Patent Number: 8,573,367

Title: Elevator car for reduced upper ends of elevator shafts

Abstract: This elevator car (10) is characterized by a car roof (9), which is designed to be non-load bearing, so that in the uppermost position of the car (10) the required free space F in the form of a cuboid lying on one of the sides thereof and having the minimum dimensions of 0.5 m.times.0.6 m.times.0.8 m is located completely inside the car (10) and extends down to the car floor (8). When a potential load is applied onto the car roof (9), it yields or is lowered due to deformation. In this way, the required free space F of 0.6 m.times.0.5 m.times.0.8 m above the surface on which a maintenance technician can stand is ensured in any case as a safety space against the danger of crushing, even if the elevator car moves very close to the ceiling of the shaft.

Inventors: Henseler; Markus (Immensee, CH)

Assignee: Inventio AG

International Classification: B66B 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017