Patent Number: 8,573,380

Title: Article accumulation table for a conveyor installation

Abstract: A planar table for accumulating items for conveying equipment, including: two parallel planar inlet and outlet conveyors that are driven in opposite directions so as to longitudinally move the items. The planar conveyors form an item transit area that has a variable receiving surface, and a diverting member for transferring the items, arranged on the inlet conveyor, to the outlet conveyor. The diverting member is shaped as a curved wall arranged on a longitudinally movable carriage. The wall extends substantially over the entire width of the inlet conveyor, between a side chute and a structure arranged between the two conveyors and on which the carriage is attached. There is an area for feeding items onto the outlet conveyor, the feeding area is arranged outside said transit area.

Inventors: Petrovic; Zmaj (Octeville-sur-Mer, FR)

Assignee: Sidel Participations

International Classification: B65G 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017