Patent Number: 8,573,432

Title: Vent opening mechanism

Abstract: An improved drink can with a drink opening and a vent opening are positioned opposite from ouch other with respect to a central portion of a top end of a drink can. The tab is attached to the central portion and can be pulled upward to open the drink opening then pushed back downward to open the vent opening. To aid in opening the vent opening with the tab, the vent opening may have a ridge to provide additional leverage when the tab pushes downward on a score line that defines the vent opening. The tab may be enlarged so that upon breakage of the score line to the vent opening, the tab contacts the top end of the can and does not allow the user's finger to proceed into the vent opening and possibly cut the user's finger.

Inventors: Emanuele, III; Arthur Joseph (Phoenix, AZ), Church; Robert Clarke (Paradise Valley, AZ)


International Classification: B65D 17/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017