Patent Number: 8,573,438

Title: Removable handle for modular cookware

Abstract: This application relates to the field of removable handles for cookware. The use of a single interchangeable and removable handle with different pieces of cookware has several advantages. One advantage is that the overall assembly is much smaller to store, as the handle may be removed and stored in a separate location, reducing the overall size of the assembly. In addition, a single handle may be utilized for multiple cooking vessels as it is common for only one handle to be utilized at a single time. Even though multiple cooking vessels may be used simultaneously, the handle is only utilized for repositioning or stabilizing the cooking vessel. In this way, when no cooking vessel is in use, only one handle need be stored, rather than separate (possibly attached) handles for each article of cookware.

Inventors: Cheng; Peter (Yongkang, CN)

Assignee: Magellan Group, Ltd.

International Classification: A47J 45/07 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017