Patent Number: 8,573,496

Title: Tag reading apparatus and a method of reading a tag

Abstract: Tagging apparatus associated with applying and reading a tag adapted to store a number. The tag comprising a plurality of substantially identical two dimensional arrays of dots, each array being indicative of the number for improving tag detection; each arrays comprise a plurality of clusters, each cluster representing a predetermined symbol being indicative of a part of the number. An etching apparatus, for creating a pattern of dots, comprising a plurality of laser sources held in a manifold defining any one or more of a vector grid, or array grid. A tagging reading apparatus comprising a lens element being adapted to control focus, zoom and ingress light; an image capture element for obtaining image data; a processor element adapted to apply one or more digital processing functions to the image; the processor element being adapted to calculate code data indicative of the tag number.

Inventors: Loughrey; Kevin (Gymea Bay, AU), Curtis; Ivan (Vale Park, AU), Evans; Michael (Stroud, GB)


International Classification: G06K 7/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017