Patent Number: 8,573,528

Title: Vertical take-off and vertical landing gyroplane

Abstract: A gyroplane comprises a fuselage 1 with a cockpit, with a folding strut mounted on it, a rotor head 3, with adjustable torsional hub 16 and pusher propeller 5 with adjustable pitch. In order to uniformly distribute the load applied on the torsional hub 16, on the rotor head 3 while prespinning of the rotor blades 4, the torsional bar is performed from substantially straight composite plates. In order to reduce vibration on the control stick in-flight, the surface of fastening the rocking joint 15 of the torsional hub 16, is turned at the angle not more than 40 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the torsional hub 16 of the rotor blades 4. In order to reduce the load applied on the gyroplane control stick in-flight, the rotor head 3 is fastened to the strut through a frame joint 9 with trunnion offset forwardly in pitch. In order to set the thrust rating in-flight, the pusher propeller 5 is provided with an adjustable torsional hub 16 performed of composite plates. The propeller 5 with adjustable pitch can be applied in both pushing and pulling variants and can be used in any aircraft plane.

Inventors: Polovinkin; Boris Andreevich (Krasnoobsk, RU)


International Classification: B64C 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017