Patent Number: 8,573,534

Title: Fluidic artificial muscle actuation system for trailing-edge flap

Abstract: An actuation system for trailing-edge flap control suitable for use in reducing vibration in rotorcraft blades as well as primary flight control and noise mitigation employing an antagonistic pair of fluidic artificial muscles (FAMs) located and operated inside the rotor blade. The FAMs are connected to a force transfer mechanism such as an inboard bellcrank and engaged to an outboard bellcrank by one or more linkages running spanwise out through the spar. The outboard mechanism translates the spanwise linkage motion into chordwise motion of a flap control rod which is connected to the trailing-edge flap. A torsion rod flexure (TRF) device is included connecting the trailing-edge flap to the blade. The actuation system can produce large flap deflections at relatively high operating frequencies for vibration reduction and noise cancellation and is capable of larger flap deflections at lower operating frequencies for embedded primary control of the rotorcraft.

Inventors: Kothera; Curt (Crofton, MD), Wereley; Norman M (Potomac, MD), Woods; Benjamin K. S. (Barnesville, MD)

Assignee: Techno-Sciences, Inc.

International Classification: B64C 3/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017