Patent Number: 8,573,682

Title: Vehicle cowl components adapted for hood/fender sealing

Abstract: A vehicle cowl component configured to extend between a hood's rear edge and a vehicle front windshield comprises a cowl and a seal, the seal including a U-shaped cross section attached to the under-hood edge and having upwardly extending front and rear curved walls, each of the curved walls having an unconnected free end. In one embodiment, the seal is two-shot molded onto the cowl, which eliminates secondary attachment operations. A method includes steps of first-shot molding a cowl, and then second-shot molding a U-shaped seal onto the cowl along an under-hood front edge. A modified cowl includes a seal with a downwardly extending wiper for sealing engagement with a body support structure under the cowl and seal.

Inventors: Oomen; Craig Martin (Grand Rapids, MI)

Assignee: Shape Corp.

International Classification: B62D 25/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017