Patent Number: 8,573,688

Title: Reconfigurable seating device with integral document shelf

Abstract: A seating device (20) includes a fixed seat (24) and a moveable arm (40) pivotally connected at its lower end (44) to a support structure (26). A document shelf (22) is carried on an upper end (42) of the moveable arm (40). In an inactive stowed condition, the document shelf (22) innocuously lays over the fixed seat (24). The document shelf (22) is movable to a deployed condition extending laterally outwardly and upwardly relative to the fixed seat (24) where documents may be held at a convenient reading distance to a person seated on the fixed seat (24). The moveable arm (40) is telescopically extendable. A stop cord (92) limits outward rotation of the moveable arm (40). A recessable joint (46) connects the document shelf (22) to the moveable arm (40). In the stowed condition, the recessable joint (46) tucks below the fixed seat surface. The document shelf (22) includes a back plate (56) and a perpendicular ledge (58). The document shelf (22) has two alternative modes in the deployed condition: a lectern mode and a side table mode. A table bracket (106) supports the document shelf (22) in the side table mode.

Inventors: Shackelford; Jon E. (Chelsea, MI)


International Classification: A47B 39/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017