Patent Number: 8,573,829

Title: Animal feed mechanism

Abstract: An animal feed mechanism includes a manually operated slide valve interposed between a set of upper agitators and a set of lower screw conveyors. In some examples, two upper agitators are installed within a plastic funnel, and two lower screw conveyors are disposed within a metal auger housing. Each screw conveyor includes an auger driven by its own separate motor. Thus, there are two motors for rotating the two augers. The two motors can be energized individually to selectively rotate either auger or to rotate them concurrently. In some examples, a transmission coupling the two augers to the two agitators conveys power to rotate both agitators regardless of whether either one or both motor driven augers are operating.

Inventors: Gordon; Timothy J. (Lansing, IA)


International Classification: B01F 15/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 1/05/12017